Our history

Experience and long-term vision

The result of a dream and a lot of effort

Industria Sevillana Reciclaje de Plásticos, S.L. (INSERPLASA) is stablished in 1986 by Mr. Alejandro Porras and Mr. José Sánchez. This is the beginning of our path in this sector, which was in an emerging stage in Spain. The vision and experience of both founders were essential to become their idea in a real industry, through the born of the company and its growth with lots of effort and illusion.

Over the years, INSERPLASA has evolved to a company that is a reference in the plastic recycling sector in our country.

It is a path where the growth and learning have made to INSERPLASA never give up innovating to find the best and the most environmental friendly solutions to our customers through our recycling and manufacturing activity.

Thereby, we offer experience and knowledge with products and services that, in conjunction with a long-term vision, will permit us to tackle the challenges and chances of Circular Economy from INSERPLASA.