We have had the honor and presence in our INSERPLASA facilities of having the councilor of Industry, Energy and Mine Mr. Jorge Paradela Gutiérrez, the Territorial Delegate of Industry, Energy and Mine Mr. Antonio José Ramírez Sierra, our Mayor of Écija Mrs. Silvia Heredia Martín, the Delegate of Environment and Agriculture Mr. Carlos Onetti, the Delegate of Urban Planning for public works and mobility Mr. Ángel Peña and the Delegate of Development and Employment Mr. Luis Alberto Linares.

During the visit, we were able to show them our facilities and explain in detail our production process, as well as our commitment to sustainable development and job creation in the area.

We are very grateful for the attention and interest shown by the authorities, which motivates us to continue working hard to contribute to the economic growth of our city and promote local industry by taking it to all parts of the world.

We hope to count on your support and collaboration in future projects and continue strengthening our relationship with public institutions.

Thank you for visiting us and for your continued support of our company!